The goal from this page is to clarify the terms and conditions of dealing with authors who would like to sell their books through our store. After reading this page, you can contact us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.


Note: the terms "library", "our library", "the library", "the website" all mean Kitabi.Store



 Our job is to sell the book copies through our website by displaying the cover photo on the book page and promoting it on social media. We will also take care of the delivery and customer service. The author, however, does not have any power on the price that the library sets for the book.


To ensure that Kitabi.Store promotes books that provide quality, we first ask for a copy of the book to read and check its content. We apologize for not selling books that have any type of erotic content or negatively influences the reader.


The Cost

We offer two types of deals to the authors:

    • First method:Both parties agree on a percentage of the sale. The author shares a number of copies with the bookshop, the bookshop sells the copies and shares the profit with the author every quarter.

    • Second method:The bookshop purchases a number of copies from the author and pays the balance after 30 days or at the end of the month. As to be agreed by the two parties.


Promoting the book

The book shop keeps the right of promoting the books in the best way that matches its strategy to itself solely.



Kitabi.Store delivers the copies for free inside of Tripoli, Lebanon only and the customer will be charged for delivery outside of Tripoli, Lebanon. The book shop keeps the right to change this terms to itself and without prior notice.


The author

The author is responsible to supply the book shop with copies of the book and is also responsible to work by the term and conditions concluded in this page.


About the book

The content of the book needs to have some sort of benefit to the reader intellectually, technically, or in any other way. The content also needs to be free of any sort of erotic or sexual ideas, free of any ideas that promote hatred.

 The cover needs to be of a good quality and design in order to catch the eye of the reader.


Promoting the book

When the agreement is done the author announces that the book is available on In addition to mentioning the author's/book's social media pages and website.



Both parties vow to cooperate with moral ethics, intentions, and acts that interest both parties.

Each party has to give a two week notice period or a period as mentioned in the agreement. Any written or electronic warning is considered as proof that the party wants to end the agreement.