Lessons Learned From "Emmanuel Macron, un jeune homme si parfait" by Anne Fulda

Emmanuel Macron, the successful young man in the world of economics and politics. Anne Fulda, the author, reveals in her book "Emmanuel Macron, un Jeune Homme si parfait" (Emmanuel Macron, a young man, so perfect - Available in French in Arabic) why this ambitious young man who swam against the tide is so successful.


Lesson #1: Live in your own world but don't isolate your self.

Those who build their own personality without allowing the circumstances to change them are beautiful people.>br>
Look around you, how many authentic person do you see? Most people look alike. Actually, most people look like some famous person.

Taking a break from everything for an hour on a daily basis to think about your day, your surroundings, your self is a must. And staying away from people for this long is a virtue. Think about the world. The human body. The animal behavior. The future. Your self! To Read a good book.

Notice that I said to take an hour break. I did not say that you should isolate yourself forever. Relationships are important. And it is not appropriate for a person to live without a network of people.

Lesson #2: Make books your best friend!

Books understand you. They are always there for you. Don't judge you. Don't hold a grudge on you. Its value is in its content. Your character is built upon all the information that your brain absorbs from everything around you. The books that you read. Blogs that you visit. Friends you talk to. Games you play. You can barely find a successful person who does not read. A book is a treasure and its content is the vitamins that your brain consumes. Enters your brain, develop your character. And makes you a special person who has an analytical mind and a broad thinking.

Lesson #3: Work is a way for liberation and self-realization.

Those who need someone else to prepare their meals, clean their rooms, or buy them stuff, when they are not busy make me mad! So do people who want to have everything without making any effort.

Work is a way of developing a human's character, personality, and mind. Moving our body is a soft sport, but at least you're moving. Work. Gain experience. Learn new things. Work for free if you don't have any experience, it doesn't matter. What matters is for you to build your character.

If you are good at something, like languages, math, or drawing, look for someone who's in need and teach them.

Lesson #4: Be Independent, and take Responsibility for Your Life

As we mentioned in lesson #3, don't wait till someone comes and cleans your room, it doesn't need much effort. Go out and look for a job, don't wait for the perfect job to come to you. Spread your wings and depend on your self. Work for a better tomorrow. Your parents won't be there for you forever.

Lesson #5: By Determination, Perseverance, and Resistance Goals can be Achieved.

Nelson Mandela stayed in jail for 27 years. Then he was released and became the president of South Africa. For some reason, goals can't be achieved easily. We always have to work hard for them.

Achieving goals needs persistence and faith. Faith that the world will come together to help you achieve your goals if you were strong and persistent enough.

I remember watching a Los Angeles Lakers vs Toronto Raptors game. Raptors were in the lead. But Kobey Bryant was determined to win the match. He persisted, and he achieved. He scored 81 points in a single match. Became the second best scorer in NBA history in a single match after Wilt Chamberlain. And they one the match.

Lesson #6: Accept Reality. Work for a Better Future.

Reality is reality! Whether it's good or bad, it is what it is. Accept it. Learn from it. Work your way out of it if possible. Prepare your self for a better future.

I know what you're thinking, "but I listen to motivational audios and they say be positive." It's a great thing to be positive in life. But if you are focusing on positive things, would that change the situation? no. Be realistic! If you're only thinking about positive things, the problem is still there, you are just running from it by thinking positively.

But today is probably the result of yesterday's decision. And tomorrow will probably be the result of today's decisions. So accept the reality. Learn from it. And work for a better tomorrow.

Lesson #7: Focus on Priorities.

You can waste your time on video games, social media, and talking nonsense. Or you can read, write, socialize, make friends who have a growth mindset, exercising and doing other productive activities. It's up to you.

Lesson #8: Language Proficiency is a Way of Improving the Society.

Hundreds of years ago, Arabs used to compete by writing and saying poems. Romans used to compete in philosophy and sports.

Can a person be a leader if he cannot even write a proper sentence? Start with yourself, and push others to follow your steps. If you are good at a language, teach it to the less fortunate.

And if you're not proficient, the least you can do is to start. Even if you make mistakes, you'll learn from them. And you've got our respect even if you made a thousand mistake.

Lesson #9: Look for a Mentor.

Do you think that you know it all? And that you've been through "circumstances" that made you a specialist, a philosopher, and an economic expert? Think again. And now think some more.

I am almost 29 and I still have mentors for business and life. Even if I'm 40 years old, and even if I have over 20 years of experience, there are always some things that I don't know, and there are some people who know more than I do. I want to learn what these people know. Stay humble.

Lesson #10: Work Systematically

Do you know most of the times computers do not make mistakes? Because they work in logical processes. Humans are generally greedy. If you jump from 10 meters high rather than taking the stars in order to save some time, you will probably break your leg. The logical thing is to take one step at a time.

The same thing applies to business, achieving goals, doing tasks, etc...When your work is systematic, you can produce better results, save time, reduce the possibility of doing the same job more than once. In addition to saving your self a lot of misery and pressure.

Lesson #11: Having a Network of People is a Very Important Thing in Life.

Most of us do not like to mingle, because we don't feel comfortable. But having a network of people who would help you achieve your goals is very important.

Most of the job opportunities that I was offered were referred by someone I know. I am not saying that you should mingle all the time. I am an introvert but I have a wide network of people who I respect and love, but I keep most of my relationships professional.

Back to lesson number 1, it's OK to live in your own world, but don't isolate your self. Keep a distance between you and the others. This distance differs based on the understanding of the other person on personal space.

Lesson #12: Make People Help You Because They Trust you, Not Because They are Afraid of You.

When people serve you because they are afraid of you, eventually, there will come a day when they will turn their back on you. And if a nemesis tries to kill you, they just wouldn't care. Maybe they'll even help him!

But when people serve you out of love and trust, because you truly care about them, you love them unconditionally, they will love to help you. They'll even help you without you asking them to.

There's this Lebanese saying: "If someone sees you in one eye, see them with two eyes." This means that when someone gives you 100%, give them 200%.

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